Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Welcome to the Neighborhood, Mr. Doss

Mike Doss is more interesting than Shiancoe, Ciurciu, and Wade, at least--or maybe I just think that because I know him in football card form. If you want to know more about Mike Doss, here is some help.

The Daily Norseman asked Stampede Blue to comment on Doss, and they complied.

You can also see his bio/career summaries at the Indianapolis Colts webpage, the Ohio State webpage,, and Wikipedia.

Here's some information on Florida real estate agent Mike Doss who, as far as I know, the Vikings have not signed.

Here's a photo of Doss at the Pro Football Hall of Fame; Doss is from Canton.

Personally, I see this as a Madden move. In a Madden franchise, what do you do if you are way under the cap and there are capable free agents available, even if they play positions at which you don't have a strong need? You sign them to one-year deals because they can't possibly hurt your team. As I noted earlier, I'm interested to see what this move does to the Viking nickel defense. Who is going to be on the field for nickel situations? If I had to guess right now, it would be CB Antoine Winfield, CB Cedric Griffin, S Darren Sharper, S Dwight Smith, and S Mike Doss. E.J. Henderson at MLB could also help the nickel defense perform better.

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