Monday, April 02, 2007

Links: Loving April Edition

Oh, April. Who cares if Minnesota might be dealing with snow tomorrow? April is a wonderful time. A day devoted to fooling, the school year winding down, the NFL draft: April is just a pleasant time.

Skol Vikes looks at the Viking roster to see just where the team stands now. (via Kansas Viking) explores the Vikings move of E.J. Henderson to Middle Linebacker and Chad Greenway's opportunity to play Weakside Linebacker. It's probably the right move; however, shifting E.J. Henderson away from the position he played well in 2006 creates questions around two positions now, instead of one.

As the Fanhouse notes, UCLA only puts up banners for championships. That means that in the last two years, the Bruins have won the Pac-10 regular season championship twice, the Pac-10 tournament once, have won 9 NCAA tournament games en route to two Final Four appearances. A pretty good two-year run--but in the rafters of Pauley Pavilion, this two year run is forgotten.

At 10,000 Takes, Jeff Grayson is now writing weekly columns. This passage stuck out to me (in part after hearing Stephen A. Smith talk about how nobody wants to go to Minnesota in February because it's cold): "Minneapolis-St. Paul is the 15th-largest media market in the country. In pro sports, it means we are an often forgotten middleman while New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and rising sunbelt stars (Phoenix, Dallas, Miami) get the spotlight. We’re called “small market” even though we really aren’t. But our northern location often makes us an out of the way destination in the national sports discussion."

Tecmo Blog looks at Amare Stoudemire's domination of the Mavs--with eyes on the potential playoff matchup.

According to Vikings Now, Aaron Moorehead is visiting the Vikes today.

The New York Times looks at Ernest Hemingway's letters to Marlene Dietrich.

Science Magazine (via 3QuarksDaily) covers a debate on string theory.


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  2. I watched "The Elegant Universe" on PBS one night. Though it was late and I did fall asleep. At least I think it was "The Elegant Universe."