Wednesday, April 11, 2007

BlueVikingDevil's Early 2007 Prediction for the Vikings

Well the schedule has been announced for next year and so here I go predicting without knowing what the Vikings will continue to do to improve their team via the draft or other late FA pick ups with another round of cuts possible. Here we go

Week 1 ATLANTA---Win (Good run D vs. Crappy Passing O)
Week 2 @Detroit---Win (Its the Lions)
Week 3 @KC------Loss (I'm up in the air on this one, but I will go with the Chiefs)
Week 4 GREEN BAY--Loss (Favre pulls off another close victory)
Week 5 BYE
Week 6 @Chicago---Win (Yep, coming off the bye I think the Vikes will win)
Week 7 @Dallas-----Loss (This all depends on if TO has blown up by yet or not, if he has maybe the Vikes Win)
Week 8 Philly-------Loss (Defensive battle, give the upper-hand to the slightly better offense of Philly)
Week 9 SAN Diego-----Loss (Fans start demanding Childress be fired on the spot)
Week 10 @Green Bay----Loss (I hate when Green Bay sweeps)
Week 11 OAKLAND-----WIN (the four game losing streak is snapped)
Week 12 @Giants-----WIN (we seems to always lose to the Giants, but sans Tiki a win comes to us)
Week 13 DETROIT-----WIN (See Week 2 Above)
Week 14 @S.F--------WIN (I see this being a FG battle)
Week 15 CHICAGO-----Loss (The Bears get their revenge)
Week 16 WASHINGTON--Loss (Remember last year when Portis played hurt, this year he is healthy and we are in trouble)
Week 17 @Denver------Win (Already clinched their spot and seed in the Playoffs, Broncos play scrubs)

Final Record 8-8

Oh and I suck at predicting games, so if this somehow miraculously was correct I will always refer to this as the "greatest moment in my sports history" but it wont.


  1. Zippedee-doo-dah! I'm currently scheduled to teach Monday night again next semester, but the Vikes don't play on Monday night until Finals Week, when I'm not longer teaching.