Monday, April 23, 2007

New Feature: Bad Sportswriting Archive

There's a new little feature here at Pacifist Viking.

What? No, don't be frightened. It's not that big a deal.

As an adjunct English professor, I spend a lot of my day teaching, analyzing, dissecting, and critiquing the written word. As one so tied to written English, I get particularly worked up when I see paid writers doing a lousy job writing. On this blog, I've occasionally devoted time to critiquing some of the bad sportswriting I've seen: dissecting poorly developed arguments, exposing faulty logic, chronicling the overuse of worn-out metaphors, and criticizing poor use of language.

Since these are some of my favorite posts to write, I decided to create a special archive for them, using the labels feature blogger so generously offers to us. So if you look down below the links

See, right over there

you'll find the Bad Sportswriting Archive. The categories are the general "bad sportswriting" (hint--there's a whole lot of Peter King) and the more specific "Cliches" (which includes some of the bad sportswriting, and a few other posts).

So if you've got the time, you can go peruse critiques of lousy writing. I'll likely be doing a lot more of these types of critiques in the future. With so many blogs out there, bloggers must constantly ask themselves what makes them unique, and try to incorporate that originality into their blogs. As an English teacher and sports fan, I can offer you critical examinations of sportswriting that, I hope, bring you some insight or amusement.


  1. Please don't ever come read my site.

  2. it points right to the link! that's hot. (quoting one of your favorite literary types, paris hilton.)