Sunday, April 29, 2007

Draft Blizzard

The Vikes had a very nice draft. In round one they got a RB that will be one of the league's best very soon, and in later rounds, they filled a lot of needs (including 3 WRs, a CB, and a DE). Once again, teams that take the top RB in a draft class usually fare pretty well.

JJ Cooper at the Fanhouse comments on the Vikings' improvement at wide receiver.

Tom Powers is trying too hard to be Patrick Reusse: evidently he wants to be the Ppress columnist that deliberately attempts to antagonize Viking fans in place of doing any analysis. His latest comment: "hard-core Vikings fans--a group that always sports a disproportionate number of mullets, tattoos and way too-tight purple jerseys..." You're a class act, Mr. Powers (via Kansas Viking).

Horseshit writer Jim Souhan thinks the Vikings did the right thing drafting Adrian Peterson--but of course he uses the opportunity to make fun of the Vikings, anyway. In place of the chronicle of cliches, for Souhan we might have to do a chronicle of completely unfunny attempts at easy jokes. Without completely unfunny attempts at easy jokes, a typical Souhan column would come in at 15 words (which would still be more words than Bob Sansevere usually makes).

Here's Cold, Hard Football Facts' take on Randy Moss joining Tom Brady.

And if you missed it, we blogged the draft harder than anything we've ever blogged (you know, "blog" is like "google": it always sounds like a euphemism for a lewd act). Scroll down to see more takes (and links) on Adrian Peterson joining the Vikings, Randy Moss joining the Patriots, and the rest of draft weekend's shenanigans.

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