Sunday, April 08, 2007

Links: the Sunday Night Religion Edition

MNSG Vikings has an excellent post encouraging Viking fans to be patient with Brad Childress, citing several successful and respected coaches who had awful first seasons with a new team.

Jesus rises from the dead, and He spends his afternoon in Georgia? Deadspin says that Jesus won the Masters, and Roy S. Johnson likes when athletes thank Jesus for their success. On a side note, this morning I got to hear a sermon that used the Battle of Waterloo as a motif. It was a pleasant surprise to hear about Napoleon in church on Easter morning.

It's Easter, meaning mainstream news outlets will do features on the Pope. Russell Shorto has a very big feature in the NY Times Magazine, and Jane Kramer has an article on Pope Benedict and Islam in The New Yorker. I don't know whether to laugh or cry when Benedict gets on his hobbyhorses condemning secularism, individualism, and relativism. I've said it before: humanity's biggest problem isn't relativism; it's people who believe so strongly that they are right and that an Other is wrong that they're willing to kill over it. Relativism should be a solution to our problems, not a cause.

Two interesting articles via 3quarksdaily: a Guardian review of Terry Eagleton's The Meaning of Life, and a ScienceNow feature on the search for aliens.

And if any Minnesotans are at all interested, now that I've got internet at home, I'll try to contribute more to our little local blog.

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