Monday, April 09, 2007

BlueVikingDevil's Draft Preview (A Case Against Brady Quinn)

I always enjoy the insights of this Blog's creator and main contributor. In fact for the past three years I have relied very heavily on his take of the Vikings via his own viewing of the games since I have been out in North Carolina and steeped in Panther viewing territory. Finally this fall I will have the opportunity to return to Viking land and so this draft is extremely intersting for me since it will be the first time in 4 years I will be watching a draft and know that I will be able to watch the player we draft play on a week-to-week basis.

I agree with Pacifist Viking's analysis of needs of WR help for the team and I agree with him that at #7 there more than likely will not be a WR that is worth that pick available and so I expect and hope the Vikings address WR needs in the 2nd and/or 3rd Rounds. But now let us look at the teams picking before the Vikings so we can gain perspective on who might be available to the Vikings at #7 and then I will put forth an argument for who I think the Vikings should take.

#1 Oakland-Their pick boils down to 3 players (Russell, Quinn, or C.Johnson), but something tells me that Russell will be the pick. Maybe it is the fact that they didn't pursue David Carr and haven't been in discussion with KC about the availabilty of Trent Green, had they agreed to terms with Garcia (i.e. told them they wouldnt draft a QB) then this pick would have been Calvin Johnson but it has to be between Quinn and Russell and I think the Raiders are more smitten with the missle launching arm of Russell

#2 Detroit-I think Detroit is one of the wild cards come draft day. Outside of WR I could see them taking any of the top prospects. Barry Sanders chimed in with his thoughts of drafting Thomas. The other serious consideration I think is Brady Quinn, however given the experience of Joey Ha-Ha I expect them to take Thomas.

#3 Cleveland- Another wild card. I think this pick comes down to Quinn or Peterson. Everybody says they need a RB which is probably true, but the possibility of getting your franchise QB I think is too enticing for the Browns. I say they take Quinn.

#4 Tampa Bay- Everyone says that Calvin Johnson won't make it past Tampa at the 4 spot, but I am not sure. Remember when Simeon Rice and his pass rushing prowess helped the Tampa D in its dominance. I think Gruden and the brass do also and I like them taking Gaines Adams.

#5 Arizona- They wan't Thomas so a trade with Detroit isn't out of the realm of possibility, but going on the scenerio set forth so far Thomas is off the board. Where does Arizona go from here? Big DT Alan Branch is where I see them going.

#6 Washington- Could Calvin Johnson slip this far down the board? I highly doubt it, but if things work out like I have them then Washington is looking at Calvin Johnson and might really like him, but I feel they really would rather have Anderson from Arkansas. What do they do? They talk trades with anyone willing to talk. Remember the Chicago Bears and that Lance Briggs trade rumor with Washington where Washington offered them switched picks in the first round? I do and guess what I don't think Chicago ever thought that CJ would make it this far down the board and so I think they call up Washington and say DEAL and then take Calvin Johnson causing Viking fans all over to numb their pain with cans and cans of Miller High Life.

#7 Vikings- Okay according to my scenerio it looks like their are four players that should be looked at hard by the Vikings. Anderson from Arkansas, Adrian Peterson, LeRoy Landry, or Leon Hall from Michigan. I take Landry off the board because of the Doss signing. I also don't think Anderson is the best pick although we do need DE help. That means I put the choice down to Adrian Peterson and Leon Hall. I personally dont think the Vikings could go wrong with either pick, but I want to make a case for Peterson. First, Chester Taylor to me is a good RB not a franchise RB. Not very often does a team get the opportunity to draft a franchise RB and that is what I think Peterson is. The NFL year past showed the success of the RB by committee approach and I think Peterson paired with Taylor would keep the RB position fresh for the Vikes and would help open up the passing game a bit more.

Alright so that is my prediction (#1-Russell, #2-Thomas, #3-Quinn, #4-Adams, #5-Branch, #6-Johnson, #7-Peterson), but being totally realistic I can easily see the Vikings choice coming down to Quinn, Adams, Landry, Hall, or Andersen and if that is the case I would argue that the Vikings should either trade down or take Adams. I do not want the Vikings to take Quinn at all. Quinn scares me. Too many questions in my mind and I say the Vikes should just committ to Tarvaris. But I am a Tarvaris fan so I might be a little biased here.


  1. I think Quinn will be ok. I mean, you guys aren't going to play in a bowl game next year right?

  2. That is true and we more than likely do not have the Michigan Wolverines on our schedule either.

  3. "I do not want the Vikings to take Quinn at all. Quinn scares me. Too many questions in my mind"

    You've certainly made your case.

  4. Anonymous8:06 PM

    We are in need of a safety who can play football, not one who is old and looks only for interceptions. One who is injured. One who spends time in stairways with strippers.
    We have Blue and we need a real safety and release the other three.

  5. PV. The case against Brady Quinn was the draft projections leading up to our pick, not an analysis of why the Vikings shouldn't take him.

    I don't want the Vikings to take Quinn for the reasons I stated, and the only case I can make against him is he is as much of a question mark as Tarvaris Jackson is.