Saturday, April 28, 2007

Tarvaris Jackson and Adrian Peterson for the next ten years

As Brady Quinn falls, I feel better about the Vikings passing on him (but that's a bit irrational, isn't it?).

Robert Smith is the Vikings' all-time leading rusher with 6,818 yards. If Peterson stays healthy, he should be the Vikings' all-time leading rusher in five to six years.

More importantly, he provides dynamic, game-breaking ability to an offense in need of it. Behind a big, talented offensive line, and backed up with a young nucleus on defense, Peterson makes the Vikings immediately better than just about any other player in the draft could. Now the Vikes can grind it with Adrian Peterson, Chester Taylor, and Mewelde Moore and rely on the dominating defense; his talent gives the Vikings a whole-team identity and strategy.

And now Tarvaris Jackson has at least two good RBs to help ease his transition to full-time starter. And when he fakes a handoff to Peterson, he can look downfield to...scrubs. Total scrubs.

Now it's time to get a WR. Or two. Or three.

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