Monday, April 09, 2007

Links: the Ombudsman responds edition

ESPN Ombudsman Le Anne Schreiber has written about Colin Cowherd's actions. You can read commentary from the AOL Fanhouse, Signal to Noise, and Awful Announcing. One quote stands out in Schreiber's piece: Cowherd said "We apologize--but just don't screw with us." I stand by my initial reaction: Cowherd's actions were an affront to open discourse.

The Ragnarok looks at USC Wide Receiver Steve Smith as a potential second-round pick for the Vikings.

Does Peter King deserve a Chronicle of Cliche for today's MMQB?

Since you're reading this on a computer, you might be interested in Inside Higher Ed's article on computer privacy in dorm rooms. If you are a college student reading this on a dorm room computer, you absolutely should check it out.

Via Arts & Letters Daily, The Independent has an article on Darwin's religious beliefs and doubts.

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