Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Blizzard: Drew Bledsoe, Kurt Vonnegut, and the Vikings' Schedule

Sports Links
Drew Bledsoe has retired: join the discussion at Football Outsiders, and see what CHFF has to say about Bledsoe's career. It's worth noting that whatever you've thought of Bledsoe in recent years, he was a very good NFL quarterback: 4 Pro Bowls, 7 20+ TD seasons, 3 4,000 yard seasons, a Super Bowl appearance as a starter, and (don't forget) helping the Patriots to the Super Bowl they'd eventually win by relieving an injured Brady in the 2001 AFC Championship game. He threw 251 TD passes in his career; considering what we've seen from other early-drafted QBs in the 90s and 00s, it's hard to consider Bledsoe's career a disappointment. And Viking fans, of course, should remember the autumn afternoon when Bledsoe completed 45-70 passes to bring the Patriots back from a 20-0 deficit to beat the Vikes in overtime, 26-20.

Skol Vikes and the Daily Norseman look at the Vikings' 2007 schedule. When I look at this schedule, I think it's perfectly conceivable that the Vikings could go 16-0. But seriously, folks, there's potential for another good start (like the Vikes had in '03...and '04...and '06, without amounting to a single division title or 10 win season). In the opener at the Metrodome against the Falcons, you could argue that the Vikings will be favored. The Vikings better start strong, because according to the Star Tribune (via Kansas Viking), a poor start could mean TV blackouts.

Leave the Man Alone
does her fashion roundup for the Rutgers women's basketball team.

At Ballers, Gamers, and Scoundrels, Roy S. Johnson has written quite a bit on Imus. He says, "Right now, it’s about how we got here and where we go now to ensure - as much as humanly possible - that we never go here again." This strikes me as a bit hyperbolic--it's the sort of "Never again" language we use (rightly) for genocide. I'm not entirely sure, in the big picture, Imus's words actually hurt anybody--if anything, the whole story shows just how strongly our society will no longer tolerate blatant racism and sexism. Far from inciting others to racism or sexism, Imus has incited the masses (rightly) to respond with anger at such words and attitudes. Look, I understand the power of words--that's why I believe so strongly in the power of words to fight words. In this case, Imus and those who share his attitudes aren't winning--those of us that believe in equality and progress are.

If you're interested in my take on the free speech issue and the Imus story, read "Speech We Hate" below.

Moderately Cerebral Bias looks at the Imus story from a Christian perspective. My own take is that from a Christian perspective, Imus's apology must be accepted; a central Christian value is (supposed to be) forgiveness, even if that means forgiving an individual seven time seventy times.

Via Signal to Noise, Kurt Vonnegut has died, another one of the good ones lost.

The Ghosts of Wayne Fontes look at Google and Politics.


  1. Thanks for the link, and good point.


    Vonnegut seemed like a pretty interesting guy. One of my professors read us an essay from his last book, A Man Without a Country, today. I think I might have to give that book a look, along with that copy of Slaughterhouse-five you loaned me. I wish I would have known more about him before he died.