Thursday, April 05, 2007

Minnesota: where dreams go to die (the last David Carr post)

On a cold April night, a man looked out into the chill at a garbage can at the end of the road. A grimace on his face, unaskable questions in his head.

At this moment, the expansion of the universe, begun billions of years ago at the point called the Big Bang, reached its furthest threshold. The rocks and gasses stopped moving, froze for a moment, and then caught a glimmer of gravitational force. The matter in the universe reversed course, and began pulling in on itself, contracting, headed on an inevitable journey back to the position of the Big Bang.

And at this moment, the Cosmos called out an answer to the unasked questions. The man turned from the lonely, cold garbage can, and listened to the answer. The Cosmos was telling him, it seems, that there was no reason to hope, no reason to dream, no reason to believe.

As Ryan Kibbe of KSTP reports, Viking GM Rick Spielman has declared that the team has no interest in David Carr.


  1. Morons. You have morons running your team.

  2. I think Carr would have been just what this team needed. Some stability at the QB position.

  3. Anonymous8:49 AM

    Carr probably wasn't willing to take the pay cut that would be necessary for him to come here. It's no big loss; I'd rather have T-Jack than Carr anyway. We'd do just as well having Rattay or Harrington as our backup anyway.