Friday, April 27, 2007

Pre-draft Blizzard

Sportish Links
Pro-football-reference has an "Insane idea: quit scouting."

Signal to Noise says the NFL is considering adding a 17th regular season game (which I think is a horrible idea).

MNSG Vikings thinks LaRon Landry should be the pick. I'm not so sure a safety is a good pick at #7--you have to be very sure that's not just a good safety, but an impact safety.

I Dislike Your Favorite Team analyzes Brad Childress's choice of poem (I thought it was an adolescent sort of poem myself).

The NY Times does a feature on JaMarcus Russell.

Dr. Z has his pre-draft mailbag.

Go to bed early, and this is how you learn you still need to watch this series?

If you haven't check out Ballhype yet, you definitely should. It's a place to follow stories covered by blogs.

The NY Times looks at the recent books on Shakespeare (the challenge of the 21st century Shakespeare student is exactly the abundance of secondary criticism: where do you begin, and where do you end?).

Bleh. That's all I can say. Bleh. Says the publisher, “We realised that life is too short to read all the books you want to and we never were going to read these ones.” Great. But why is having a partial knowledge of many books better than having whole knowledge of fewer books? Which is the better way to enrich one's life?

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