Saturday, April 28, 2007

Adrian Peterson is a Viking

If the Vikes had selected Brady Quinn, they would have had a franchise quarterback to break all of Tarkenton's records. It was the pick I wanted.

They had better have faith in Tarvaris Jackson. Tarvaris better become a star.

But Adrian Peterson is an elite offensive player. He's now the Vikings best skill position player. Hopefully he is a stud in the NFL just as he was at Oklahoma. Hopefully these durability questions mean nothing, and Peterson stays healthy. Hopefully in seven or eight years, we're looking at the Vikings' all-time leading rusher. Hopefully the dynamic ability of Peterson makes the Viking offense dynamic, and he is able to combine with Jackson to be a productive young duo.

And hopefully the Vikes get a WR at #41.

Farewell, Brady Quinn. We never knew ye. Hello, Adrian Peterson. Welcome to the Purple. We have high hopes for you. May you dominate for the Vikings for years.


  1. Yeah..Peterson was a great pick. I am hoping for either a WR or DB. We need help in those 2 areas.

  2. DE abd WR in ROunds 2 & 3. Love AD pick!

  3. Anonymous2:10 PM

    Outstanding pick. The Vikes, above all, needed playmakers on offense, regardless of position. They got a helluva player in AP.

  4. I was thinking the Vikes could have gone either way on Peterson or Quinn. Peterson seems more solid to me because QBs are always more of a crap shoot in the draft.