Friday, April 06, 2007

Links: Good Friday Edition

Part Three of William Faulkner's masterpiece The Sound and the Fury takes place on Good Friday. If you want to experience the greatest American novel, go read it.

At least for now, it appears The Big Lead is back.

David Carr is now a Panther (via Football Outsiders). In some ways, Carr seems everything Jake Delhomme is not, and vice versa. Interesting times ahead for the Panthers.

Cold, Hard, Football Facts looks at JaMarcus Russell and Brady Quinn. As I've noted a few days ago, find a great quarterback and you're very likely to find a great quarterback coach somewhere in his history. I don't think Quinn's tutelage under Charlie Weiss should be dismissed.

The Fanhouse talks about Bill Walton talking about Greg Oden.

The Fanhouse also compares Dominique Wilkins and Tracy McGrady. I've frequently dismissed McGrady as this generation's Dominique Wilkins, but perhaps he's not even that good.

And in non-sports news (sort of), according to Edge (via 3quarksdaily), humans are less violent than ever.

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  1. sound and the fury? the best? really? did you read blood meridian yet? what about moby dick?