Thursday, April 26, 2007

Big Blizzard

Sportish Links
Blue Viking Devil looks at this year's NBA playoff players to see where they went to college.

The Hater Nation tells Michael Strahan to quit his whining (for some reason, I've never liked Strahan, and I can't remember ever having a reason why).

Don Banks reports that Adrian Peterson is still injured; I Dislike Your Favorite Team thinks that could be good news for the Vikings.

Tim Layden says the NFL draft is the nation's biggest sporting event. Hey, the draft is fun, but I sort of like, you know, THE GAMES. My favorite sports day of the year is the first Sunday of football.

Via Randball, Brady Quinn is doing a chat today sponsored by Subway (Subway is a vegan's dream).

Ted Cluck studies 15 years worth of drafts to determine the riskiest draft positions.

Here's's report on Brad Childress's poetry reading.

St. Paul passed on ordinance on cruelty to dogs aimed at stopping dog fighting (hey, New Mexico just outlawed cock fighting this year and it's still legal in Louisiana).

I decided to label and archive the posts on sports card blurbs. Though "card blurbs" is listed with "bad sportswriting" and "Cliches," I assure you our commentaries on sports cards are done with nothing but love and affection.

The Ghosts of Wayne Fontes look at the biggest jerks in (mostly 80s) film. #1 is a good choice.

Via Arts & Letters Daily, Joshua Ferris looks at work in literature.

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