Saturday, April 28, 2007

Thoughts during a wasted day

No, it really wasn't a wasted day; it was a lot of fun. We even went golfing during the end of round one and made it back in time to see the Vikes pick again. Anyway, here are some quick thoughts on today's draft, including some remaining thoughts on the Vikes, but a lot of other thoughts on the rest of the NFL. We've blogged the hell out of this thing, so just keep scrolling down for more on the Vikes in particular.

Before we go making silly comparisons between Sidney Rice and Troy Williamson, remember that Rice played at South Carolina for Steve Spurrier, while Williamson played for Lou Holtz. They attended the same school, but they basically attended two different programs with very different offensive philosophies.

Adrian Peterson is a superstud; everybody at ESPN has convinced me. If you want to know more, The AOL Fanhouse Vikings page has all sorts of stuff on Adrian Peterson.

Brad Childress was just on TV, and I'm pretty sure he was wearing the same sweater he wore to the poetry reading last Thursday.

The Vikes picked up a cornerback in the third round, filling another team need. Slick move.

PV hobbyhorse Josh McCown was traded to the Raiders. That's a good move; he could be the week one starter and stick with the job until JaMarcus Russell gets stuck back there.

Looking back now, there were 4 first-round safeties and 3 second-round safeties selected; however, while watching, it sure seemed like every other pick was a safety.

ESPN's talking heads covered Brady Quinn's drop as if it were just a bad day that he can recover from. Sure, I suppose it was. But how much money did Quinn lose by dropping from the top ten (or top three) down to #22? $10 million? $15 million? This was more than just a rough day.

When we heard Joe Thomas was going fishing, I pictured a little fishing boat with a tiny little engine on the back, a couple of guys just dozing around fishing lazily. Then they show the freaking gigantic ship Thomas was going out on. Holy crapballs.

What does Indianapolis want with Anthony Gonzalez? They've got the best receiving duo in the league (Harrison and Wayne). Their TE is basically a slot receiver (Dallas Clark). Now they've got Anthony Gonzalez to improve the incredible passing game. It will be interesting to see where this all goes.

If you're Cleveland, why not give up a future first-rounder to get a first-round QB this year? They would probably have just needed a QB next year; now, they get a full year of development before that time would even come. Buffalo did the same thing with J.P. Losman a few years ago, and in 2006 it was starting to pay off.

We all laughed when Green Bay selected a defensive tackle we've never heard of and whose name we don't feel we really need to learn. That was fun for us all.

Good for the Buffalo Bills filling a need at RB with Marshawn Lynch. Buffalo Bills fans, as fellow fans of 0-4 Super Bowl teams, we wish your team the best. May we meet in the Super Bowl one day and end this once and for all.


  1. Anonymous10:07 PM

    i like where you called drafting a cornerback a 'slick move.'


  2. It may be true that Rice played under a different system, but do note that he was recruited by Holtz and his "redshirt" year was under sir Holtz also.

    That being said I was prepared for Rice as our 2nd round pick, but I was prepared thinking we wouldnt have the possibility of taking Jarrett or Steve Smith. I wanted Dwayne Jarrett, but I am okay with Rice.

  3. I agree with you on Cleveland. The way I would spin it in Cleveland is hey we gave up our 2nd round pick to take our 1st round pick for next year a whole year early.

  4. So tell me why Rice being recruited by Holtz, and being a redshirt under Holtz, means he doesn't know how to catch, adjust to the ball, or run routes, even though he spent two years in the pass-happy Steve Spurrier system?

    I'm not saying I know Sidney Rice is going to be a stud; I'm just saying the Williamson comparison is relatively useless. You could also compare him to Sterling Sharpe and Robert Brooks.

  5. I wan't saying anythng about the comparison to Troy Williamson beng warranted, only saying that your claim that they were under two different systems blurs the line.

    Rice is his own person and I think is a better WR than Williamson, the guy has done nothing but produce at SC. All I was saying is that Rice was recruited under Holtz and spent a year under the regime. If anything I think it shows that he could be amazing considering how quickly he adjusted and produced under Spurriers Regime. (Instantly)

  6. But the fact that Rice PLAYED in the Spurrier system and Williamson PLAYED in the Holtz system makes the comparison stupid. I stand by my claim that the different systems make the comparison useless.

    It's stupid, anyway--nobody should hold it against Rice that Williamson is Gamecock that sucked.