Monday, April 16, 2007

The Blizzard: in the doldrums

In a week the NBA playoffs will be all the rage and the NFL draft hype will actually have a touch of immediacy. But for this week, you may as well find something non-sportish to do. Go read some poems: I recommend Tony Harrison's "v.", the definitive poem on soccer hooliganism.

As you probably know, Viking CB Cedric Griffin has been arrested. Yippee! Another relatively minor offense gives bloggers a chance to make fun of the Vikings and bring up the Bawdy Boat and all that. Bleh.

Ben McGrath of The New Yorker has a big story about Manny Ramirez; go check out "Waiting for Manny."

Charger fans, naturally, don't want LaDanian Tomlinson on the cover of Madden. I've got the solution to all your problems: Brett Favre. He's an old and still popular legend and this might be his last season, so it would be a fitting tribute. And as the QB with the longest streak of consecutive starts, why not stare the curse in the face and dare it to blink?

Adam Gopnik in The New Yorker reviews a new biography of Kingsley Amis.

In Inside Higher Ed, Stephen Joel Trachtenberg requests that at the very least, Universities be off limits from violence.

Frank Rich weighs in on Don Imus (I'm finally moving Imus-related stories to the "Non-sportish" links). Among other things, Rich says: "If we really want to have this conversation, it also means we have to have a nonposturing talk about hip-hop lyrics, “Borat,” “South Park” and maybe Larry David, too." I'm all for nonposturing talk; it's always a good thing. So here is my non-posturing talk, complete with no hyperbole: Larry David is the greatest artist to ever utilize the television medium.

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