Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Blizzard: making sense of it

If you're like me, you're fluxuating between going about life as usual, finding little amusements, and then thinking about Virginia Tech and wondering why. From a historical perspective, we know that death, bloodshed, and tragedy are a part of the human condition as we know it; this is not something new. But what stings is that a place of such peace and idealism was marred by unexplainable violence. Murder and violence occur all over the world, but if a place of such hope and vitality can be attacked... If you're interested, I resurrected an old blog to post some random thoughts about the disaster. I also recommend the NY Times coverage of the story, And an Inside Higher Ed's report which, naturally, looks much more from the college perspective.

The Fanhouse has a great headline: "NFL Union to Retired Players: Drop Dead."

The 2007 Pulitzer Prizes have been awarded.

The NY Times has a bit on film's influence on Picasso.

I won't be able to stomach this, but you might.

Via 3quarksdaily, the NY Times has a feature on the intelligence of chimps. I love all the apes: they're like little and big people covered in hair.


  1. Thanks for the link about Picasso. Neat stuff about him and Braque.

  2. Anonymous2:26 PM

    Found this blog today through "thestartingfive."

    I also like to analyze the writing of sports reporting... keep up the good work!