Friday, April 27, 2007

The safe pick

PFT reports the Vikings plan on selecting safety LaRon Landry.

I have mixed feelings. There are some impact safeties in the league (Troy Polamalu and Ed Reed are the best playmakers, and Brian Dawkins is probably the best cover-2 safety), but if you're picking a safety at #7, you better believe he's going to have that sort of dominating impact. If Landry is that dominant, great. If he's merely a good safety...well, if he's the best player available, so be it.

According to Ted Kluck, safety is the safest position to take, with a high percentage of Pro Bowlers and a low percentage of busts. If the Vikes get Landry, it won't be terribly exciting, but it might end up being the best choice.


  1. Maybe he'll get drafted before then?

  2. Have you read PFT's speculation of Braylon Edwards and a 3rd rounder for our 7th pick?

    What do you think if that had any warrant to it? Would the Vikings be smart to do this?

    I personally think it wouldnt be a bad deal, but I think I would also demand a switch of positions in the 2nd and 4th.

  3. Braylon Edwards is better than--and better fits the Vikes' needs--than anybody they're getting at #7. I assume it is idle speculation, but if the Vikes could get Edwards and a 3rd for the 7th, they should.

  4. Well, last year the Raiders took a Safety at 7 despite glaring needs elsewhere and that worked out excellently. If the Vikes are committed to taking Landry this year, they'll have to convince the Texans to take whomever would actually most help the Vikings. Then they can precisely mirror Al Davis's master plan.