Friday, April 13, 2007

The Blizzard: caffeine free

Sportish Links
Michael Silver of SI seems to think nobody has every played Madden. Hmm, what WOULD happen if every player in the league was available in a draft? None of us have ever tried THAT scenario. If I had to guess, I would say that some 33 year old defensive tackle will inexplicably be drafted in the top 5.

At the NY Times, Harvey Fierstein gives a gay man's perspective on the Imus fiasco in "Our Prejudices, Ourselves."

Also at the NY Times, an op-ed making fun of George Steinbrenner. I'm always surprised to discover Steinbrenner's voice isn't Larry David's voice.

And further at the NY Times, an article on the origins of the upcoming tribute to Jackie Robinson.

The NY Times reports on new evidence further linking dinosaurs and modern birds.

Inside Higher Ed looks at an attempt to change college writing courses.

3quarksdaily has a lot of links to commentary on Kurt Vonnegut. And so another American literary icon bites the dust.

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  1. Silver doesnt seem to get the concept of his own Ultimate Mock Draft. Anyone and Everyone is available, correct? So why does he says the Vikes double dip and reunite Jones with Hutchingson? Hutchingson could very well be drafted himself. I understand his wanting to do something humerous, but cmon. Ridiculous. Not to mention the fact that I am pretty sure the Vikes would take a QB or WR (Vince Young, McNabb, Fitzgerald, Holt, etc.) with that top pick not Walter Jones.