Friday, April 20, 2007

The NBA Legacy Watch: before the playoffs

During the NBA playoffs, we'll watch the proceedings and try to fit players and teams into historical perspective. It's wild, widespread action--we'll try to make sense of how this action will fit into the annals of basketball history.

But the playoffs aren't the only time legacies are made. Scoring titles, rebounding titles, and assist titles for the regular season get added to the chronicles and resumes.

This season, Kobe Bryant won his second consecutive scoring title, Kevin Garnett won his fourth consecutive rebounding title, and Steve Nash won his third consecutive assists title. Since each is a repeat winner in his respective category, each of these players is merely extending and enhancing an existing legacy. Each is differently, however. Bryant's scoring titles are an important part of his post-Shaq legacy, and define him for all-time as one of basketball's great scorers. In three of KG's four seasons leading the league in rebounds per game, the Timberwolves missed the playoffs--sadly, that will probably be a more lasting aspect of his legacy. And while Steve Nash leads the league in assists per game for the third straight season, it is entirely these past three seasons which have boosted Nash from good point guard to Hall of Fame, all-time great point guard.

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