Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Blizzard: Hopes for the Vikings' Draft

If you want some great examination of what the Vikes could do with their second round pick (probably the key to a good draft for the Vikes, since that's likely where they'll take a WR), check out the Ragnarok. If you want ridiculous cherry-picking to try prove a point, see this Strib article by Mark Craig. I don't have to tell you how easy it would be to pick favorable facts and show exactly the opposite. But Mark Craig also has a good article on why the Vikes might be able to fill the WR need in the second round.

Here is the order of my first-round wish list for the Vikings:

1. Calvin Johnson. There is little chance Johnson will slip to #7, and according to Peter King, it's not likely the Vikes will trade up (though he underestimates the Vikes' need at WR). But that would be the dream pick.

2. Brady Quinn. I believe Quinn will be a franchise QB. Tarvaris Jackson may end up being a franchise QB, but I think Quinn has the better shot and would be worth the franchise investment. Two sources I generally trust, FO and CHFF, give Quinn an edge over JaMarcus Russell. I'd love to have the guy tutored by Charlie Weiss come be the Viking franchise.

3. Adrian Peterson. Peterson might be a dynamic, game-changing RB. That's the sort of offensive explosion the Vikes need.

4. Trade down. That's it--those three are the only three players I want the Vikes to consider at #7. If they draft a defensive player, I'll be bored and frustrated. If they reach on a different WR, I'll be frustrated.

And over at ESPN, Gene Wojciechowski mocks the draft.

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