Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Vikes are the Most Improved Team in the League

There is no team in the NFL that has done more to improve itself than the Minnesota Vikings.

First, look at recent injuries. 2005 first round pick Erasmus James was out for 14 games last season; 2006 first round pick Chad Greenway was out for 16 games last season. With James and Greenway added to the 2007 team, along with Adrian Peterson the Vikes are essentially adding THREE first round draft picks! Consider, too, that 2005 draft pick Troy Williamson couldn't see straight in 2006; since he will be able to see straight in 2007, it is like the team is gaining FOUR first round draft picks!

And let's look at that draft. First, we added the best player in the draft, Adrian Peterson, to pair with Chester Taylor to make one of the best backfields in the league. And as WR was the team's biggest need, the Vikes drafted receivers Sidney Rice, Aundrae Allison, and Chandler Williams. DE Brian Robison and CB Marcus McCauley should also be immediate impact players for the Vikes.

How about free agency? The Vikings made a few small moves to greatly upgrade. For example, last year TE Jermaine Wiggins averaged 8.4 yards per reception. They replaced him with Visanthe Shiancoe, who two years ago averaged 11.4 yards per reception. The Vikes have basically gained 3 yards per catch by the tight end--that is going to help the offense a ton. We also added other low-key free agents to add depth and strength to the defense and wide receivers.

The second-year version of Tarvaris Jackson is going to be twice as good as the 2006 version of Brad Johnson. He'll also be ten times better than the first-year version of Tarvaris Jackson.

But the most important addition is Adrian Peterson. He gives the offense an all-pro quality RB. Expect Peterson to produce like Eric Dickerson in his first few years.

Don't be pessimistic, Viking fans--the 2007 squad is going to be much improved. The NFC North is going to be easy pickings next year.


  1. I believe the Patriots might make the title of your post totally incorrect.

    Look at their additions and losses. I think they are by far the most improved team.

  2. Anonymous9:07 PM

    I'll have to agree with Blue Viking Devil. But I do think that the Vikings have improved over the off-season. I do wish they had gone after some veteran WR's but this year's free agency class was pretty short.

  3. Anonymous12:46 AM

    Wow, I thought I was optimistic.

    I agree w/ BVD and Katie about the Pats. I think Spielman did a good job during the draft, but I'd love for Scott Pioli to come to the Vikes and bring some of the Pats' magic w/ him.

  4. I consider myself a huge Vikings fan and always have been. I've even said some pretty crazy stuff while defending my team...but this article is absolutely insane! I love it that there are other fans out there more delusional than myself, helping make me feel better about myself.

  5. Anonymous9:00 PM

    Well they couldn't get much worse, on Offense that is... :o)

    It is possible. It would be hard for me to call a team as good as the Pats "Most improved." If they go from 10 wins to say 13, not that big of a jump. Vikes go from 6 to 10, or 11 and make the playoffs, BIG jump. Not saying it will happen, but the Vikes have potential to be the "Most improved" while the Pats do not.