Saturday, May 26, 2007

The '07 Vikes will have a Top-10 Fantasy WR

Inexperienced quarterback Tarvaris Jackson is going to find one wide receiver on the Viking roster that he trusts, that he feels chemistry with, that he's going to latch onto.

That player is going to surprise EVERYBODY (except me, of course) and put up massive receiving numbers.

I just don't know which guy it will be.

Can Troy Williamson be the guy? He showed last season he has the speed and quickness to get open; if this season he adds the ability to catch the ball, he could be a star.

Could it be one of the rookies? I would pick Aundrae Allison among the draft picks, a polished guy who is going to surprise.

My darkhorse pick? Bobby Wade. He has experience working with young inexperienced QBs, and he could use that experience to gain the connection with Jackson. He's a good receiver working out of the slot, and in Brad Childress's short-passing offense, he could end up with 100 catches.

So that's it: Bobby Wade will catch 100 passes this season.

PV ain't the only guy that can handle his gin.

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  1. I'm really optimistic about Troy Williamson... I don't know why, just have a good feeling.