Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The business at Topps

There's some big corporate fighting going on over Topps, my favorite sports card company. You can read about it at the Cincinnati Post, Crain's New York Business, and Forbes.

I'm not in the habit of giving investment advice. In fact, my training in interpreting literature and career teaching writing leaves me completely unqualified to even understand the business world. I still don't understand why they allow bears and bulls to roam free on Wall Street. I did take accounting classes in high school, but I usually read novels during class. But I did watch Trading Places when I was in elementary school, so I do know there is some sort of market going on. So if you take my advice, you are an utter idiot.

But here's my advice: invest in Topps. They say the business is struggling, yet the takeover bids are for around $400 million: how bad could business be? If I understood anything at all--and I mean ANYTHING AT ALL--about the stock market, I might buy 2 or 3 shares of Topps just for fun. But that's my completely unqualified, completely incompetent, absolutely uneducated and uninformed advice: invest in Topps.

In good news for Topps, Greg Oden has signed with the company.

1 comment:

  1. I must say, I feel like investing in Topps would be akin to investing in companies that are solely in any of these other industries:

    - Newspapers
    - Music CDs
    - 5.25-inch floppy disks
    - Timberwolves season tickets

    On the other hand, if Crescendo is right and they can sell off Topps at a higher price, it'll go up, so you might be able to make a short-term profit investing now and waiting for the board-of-directors fight to finish...