Thursday, May 10, 2007

Blizzard: the "I won't grade anything at all for four months and it feels so good I want to scream" edition.

While I've been trying to finish up the semester while taking care of a mild mannered child, here have been some of the interesting things in the sports blogosphere.

McBias does a guest blog at the Starting Five to talk about...blogging.

The Starting Five also has an interview with Dave Zirin (one of the rare sportswriters who occasionally ends up at Common Dreams).

Everybody is buzzing about Don Banks' SI story on Michael Vick and forcing dogs to maul each other. You can discuss the story at Football Outsiders.

Cheerleaders are very different than you and me. Yes, they have more ______.

(this is a game, see. F. Scott Fitzgerald once told Ernest Hemingway, "The rich are very different than you and me." Ernie replied, "Yeah, they have more money." So, fill in the blank with something creative (and preferrably not lewd).

Blue Viking Devil is kicking out the fantasy football preview posts along with photos of football cards (if people in their late 20s can't obsess about fantasy sports and spend our disposable income on sports cards, I don't want to be a person in his late 20s).

See Adrian Peterson in pixel form!

The evidence is piling up: Greg Oden is an alien. Trust noone. The truth is out there. Fight the future.


  1. Fill in the blank: Long walks on the beach with Tarvis Jackson.

    (Turn on your phone)

  2. I agree with Jerod (turn on your phone) and I add have it somewhere that you can hear it.

  3. I will turn my phone on tomorrow, after all my materials for the semester are finished. Finals week has been like a fire that burns eternally through my soul.

  4. Good to hear. Don't you ever worry during the day that something could happen to Sadie and no one would be able to get ahold of you because you have your phone (and only means of contact) off?

  5. I'm more concerned about the social expectation that individuals constantly make themselves be available to contact. I insist that I be allowed to free myself from the fetters of social contact, and I'm fiarly unconcerned that occasionally doing so will lead to some disaster.

  6. What I should say is, finals week is a horrible monster that eats everything, including my will to speak and think. Two weeks a year for 4-5 months of vacation: I'll take it.

  7. I totally understand. I was just wondering if you check your messages every hour or two just in case (obviously I don't leave messages and figured you were busy with finals grading, etc).

    I mean I have had a cell phone as my main means of communication for 5 years now and I have found that I actually had less calls bothering me than when I had a land line. Maybe my case is weird like that. Of course I call people pretty often so I am sure my lack of incoming calls comes from people knowing I will call them eventually.

  8. (I'm sure this is fascinating reading to everybody, but oh well).

    Every hour or two? Civilization went along just fine without having access to every other human being every hour or two. I'm just saying. I'm not such a recluse; finals week is particularly bad. My phone will be on again soon and if you don't call me, I'll call you.

  9. My two cents on cell phone usage in regards to parenting. My wife and I lived in LA when our first son was born. The land of cell phones. We resited getting cell phone untill the day we brought or son to the emergenty room. Though we were both present when the accident happened, we realised we couldn't have this occur and not be able to contact each other.

    Cheerleaders have more good times. (I assume)