Sunday, May 06, 2007

A Sunday night blizzard

All grading papers and no play makes PV something something. Go crazy? Don't mind if I do.

Deadspin notes the interesting poll finding black people and white people have differing views on Barry Bonds. Signal to Noise gives it some analysis.

Deadspin also has a note on John Amaechi.

I probably should have written already on the transsexual writer at the LA Times (who has her own blog), but I had nothing unique to say. We wish her the best.

Bill Simmons has been hard on Dirk Nowitzki, but he reminds us that stars in the past have had lousy playoff games and series, too.

The Strib says Adrian Peterson's first day of minicamp went well, and also has a good feature on Brian Robison.

Check out for Brad Childress's comments on the mini-camp.

If you enjoy my critiques of local sports columnists, you'll also enjoy I Dislike Your Favorite Team.

Moderately Cerebral Bias looks at this year's good NBA playoff performances in losing efforts.

CHFF tells us why we should remember Weeb Ewbank.

And finally, Costanza Book Club is being resurrected. That's why I've removed the non-sports links at this blog (they're all over there, anyway), and I'll likely make fewer non-sports comments on this blog (there weren't a lot anyway). It's a blog about literature, literary theory, philosophy, teaching, TV, and movies. It's worth another shot.

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