Thursday, May 31, 2007

Blizzard: Spurs Go on to the Finals

The Spurs easily beat the Jazz to move on to the NBA Finals. You can read takes from Marc Stein, Howard Beck, or The Feed. You can also read Ian Thomsen's feature on Tim Duncan.

But here's what I want to know: the Washington Bullets changed their name to the Wizards to remove the violent image of a bullet, but the Spurs are named after a device used to stab at horses to make them run fast. Where is the outrage, people!?! Of course I'm kidding.

Via PFT, The NY Times has a story about concussions in football. Sports Talk Daily also comments on football head injuries.

If I'm going to follow the goings on at Topps, I'm going to have to get educated on business. What I get out of this story is that one executive at Topps wrote a strongly worded letter (a la GOB Bluth) to other executives at Topps to say they have a conflict of interest.

Randball gives 10 rules for Minnesota sports fans to be happier. Here's the problem: when two of your rules involve ignoring the Vikings/Falcons NFC Championship game, you've sort of done a lot to remind us about it.

Via, Michael Fabiano addresses the fantasy implications of Adrian Peterson and Chester Taylor.

Here is the AJC's latest on the Vick/dog fighting story.

The Daily Norseman interviews Football Outsiders' Ned Macey.

Sports Law Blog comments on the latests goings on with the NFL personal conduct policy.

Wages of Wins looks at Chris Paul and Deron Williams (I like rigid statistical analysis, but I'd also direct you to What was that bang?'s comment on statistical systems--or, I guess, my own).

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