Sunday, May 20, 2007

Blizzard: a Sunday grab sack of links

First, a correction: in an earlier post I stated that Jerry West never won a scoring title. This isn't true: West was the leading scorer in 69-70. Considering I have a basketball card featuring the top three scorers of the 69-70 season, this error is truly troubling to me. But wow, the 1960s would have been a great time to be a basketball fan. Your team of the decade would be Wilt, Russell, West, Oscar, and Elgin Baylor, and I would argue that those five players in their primes would beat any other five players in their primes (though if you put Kareem, Shaq, Jordan, Bird, and Magic against them, it would probably be the greatest event in the universe's history. But enough of random fantasies).

The Spurs took game one, and because I like nothing better than pointless questions about the NBA, here's one: what team has the best trio in the league? It would be hard to beat Duncan, Parker, and Ginobli. Can you think of a better trio? Anyway, if you want to read game summary and analysis from somebody that clearly understands basketball, check out the Starting Five.

I don't know how to feel about the Kate Mara fascination that is spreading about sports blogs. I liked it better when every time I saw her in something I could say "There's the girl from Nip/Tuck and Brokeback Mountain" (which are one of my favorite TV shows and one of my favorite movies). Now everybody knows her and loves her, and I don't feel as special. Oh well, I'm left-handed, so take that all you bland right-handed people who like Kate Mara.

Via the Daily Norseman, Len Pasquarelli of ESPN has a feature on Viking quarterback Tarvaris Jackson.

You can always count on Sports Media Watch to get deeper into what the ratings actually mean.

The Onion reports that Brett Favre demands to be traded to the 1996 Packers.

The Onion also points out that Chris Berman has taken a night course on Russian literature, altering his nicknames drastically.


  1. I can think of one trio that is very close to even and one that is underrated.

    Close-Nash, Stoudamire, Marion

    Underrated- Camby, Iverson, Anthony

  2. I'd probably take that Suns threesome over the Spurs.

    In the debate? - Nowitski, Howard and Terry.

  3. Phil- Good call for some reason I always forget about how good Jason Terry really is.

    How about this?

    Soon to enter the debate: Hinrich, Gordon, and Deng

  4. The Mavs lost in Round One!

    Davis, Richardson, Barnes > Nowitski, Howard, and Terry

  5. Justin - Yeah, I just didn't want to seem like a homer, but they are on the rise.

    J-rod - You think the Mavs will have more or less wins than the Warriors next season?

  6. Winning 60 games or winning a championship? Which do you think Dirk would prefer?

  7. I'm not done-

    Winning 60+ games and becoming the laughing stock of the league or winning 45 and advancing a couple of rounds?

  8. J-Rod and his rap music just loves the Hip Hop culture of the Golden State team. Not to mention he probably has carried his Indy Pacers love over to GSW when Jackson and Harrington went over.

    Any GM and Coach (including Don Nelson and Chris Mullin) would take the trio of Nowitzki, Howard, and Terry over the trio of Davis, Richardson, and Barnes (or any other Warrior inserted for Barnes like Bierdens).

    Yes, they failed to beat the Warriors a team that matched up extremly well against them and could exploit their weaknesses. I will put my money on Dallas moving further than GSW next year in the playoffs.

  9. Does the Utah trio of Ak-47, Boozer, Williams deserve to be mentioned?

  10. Anonymous7:28 PM

    Justin must also be a Cubs fan. "Wait til next year".

  11. Justin (a.k.a Blue Viking Devil) is a Viking fan and has to continually remain optimistic and hopeful.

    Disappointment is part of my life so getting over the Mavs disappointment is relatively easy....wait till next year is correct.

    AK-47 of years past yes (in terms of the trio) but because of his slippage in game play I would go with Okur, Boozer, and Williams for contention, but they are nowhere near Duncan, Ginobli, Parker or Nash, Stoudamire, Marion

  12. The best trio needs at least one dominant post player to get boards (otherwise I'd nominate Kidd-Carter-Jefferson). So Dirk-Howard-Terry are out, any Warriors are out, and Hinrich, Gordon, and Deng are out. I'd say Nash-Stoudemire-Marion are out because even with, arguably, more talent around them than the SA trio, they got beat.

    Iverson-Carmelo-Camby is a good one. Arenas-Jamison-Butler?

  13. Arenas-Jamison-Butler? While good they seem to contradict your statement of one dominant big man for boards.

    Jamison is a similar player to Dirk.

    Dirk = 8.9 boards/game
    Jamison = 8.0 boards/game

    I am not sure how the Dallas Trio gets eliminated because of Dirk somehow in your mind not being a big man. Yes he is not your proto-typical big man, but he is more of a big man than Jamison is who you mention.

  14. If we need one dominant big man then how about Wallace-Deng-and either Gordon or Hinrich as least worthy of debate. (although I would take the Suns and Spurs trio currently over them easily)

  15. Dirk is no big man. He doesn't post up. He's an OK rebounder, but not dominant (not even that good, really).

    I was just mentioning Jamison-Arenas-Butler as another good trio, and together Jamison and Butler end up with 15+ boards a game.

  16. I should take that back--Dirk is a good rebounder. But he doesn't dominate inside at all, offensively or defensively. Jamison, at least, posts up much more than Dirk.

  17. I will somewhat agree with you on the analysis of Dirk, but in the past he has posted up and played the post, but once they got Dampier who then turned into Dampier/Diop, Dirk was allowed to go with the strenght of his game which is facing to the basket.

    No one in their right mind would ever think Dirk is a good defender, not even Dirk himself.