Saturday, May 26, 2007

Randy Moss = #1 Fantasy Wide Receiver in 2007

If you have the fifth pick in your fantasy football draft, you should select Randy Moss.

If you are in an auction league, you should be willing to spend up to 30% of your funds on Moss.

Randy Moss will probably not be in the top-10 in reception in 2007; the Patriots spread their passes around. But what do receptions matter in fantasy football?

Randy Moss might not even be top-10 in yards in 2007.

But with Corey Dillon out of New England, Randy Moss is now BY FAR the best red zone TD scorer on the team. Tom Brady will always be looking for Moss once the Patriots get inside the red zone. Randy Moss's superb TD production will far outweigh whatever mediocre receiving yards he produces.

And in fantasy football, touchdowns rule.

I'd predict 65 receptions, 1,000 yards, and 19 TDs for Moss--and that will be good enough to be the top fantasy wide receiver in the league.

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