Monday, May 28, 2007

Blizzard: When is a Monday and a Weekend the Same Thing?

The big news everybody is talking about is the ESPN report on Michael Vick: an informant from the dogfighting world says Vick is heavily involved.

The Strib's Kevin Seifert is after my heart: he corrects his own homonym error, and then says "In reality, the entire sentence should have been different because 'handing over the reins' is a stupid cliche that shouldn’t find its way into newspaper copy." Mr. Seifert, if this paying reporting gig at the Strib doesn't work out, you could always be a contributor at PV. The money is not as good though: "nothing" doesn't pay as well as "something." has a story up about Tarvaris Jackson.

Via Vikingbuzz (an excellent site for links about the Vikes), USA Today has a report on the Vikings.

There's an Outsports book coming out: The Outsports Revolution: Truth & Myth in the World of Gay Sports. Congrats to Cyd Zeigler and Jim Buzinski on the book: I'm sure it's going to be a good one.

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