Thursday, May 31, 2007

Everything Comes Up Milhouse in the NFL Offseason (A Football Blizzard)

You've got to love summer if you're an NFL fan. Mediocre running backs talk openly about how they feel ready for a 2,000 yard season. Every team with a stiff at quarterback talks about how the team is confident in said stiff. Every player who sucked the previous year is talking about why next year will be different. It's all optimism, excitement, hope. Every new defensive coordinator preaches an aggressive attitude, and his players mimic it; every new offensive coordinator has the reason the offense will be better next year. Every team is excited about its new free agents; every new free agent is excited about his new team.

So Byron Leftwich will be better because he lost weight. There are all sorts of reasons Ben Roethlisberger will be better in '07. Hines Ward will face less double-teams as the offense moves him around. Every team and almost every player is going to have a feature this summer that focuses on why this team and/or player is ready for big things in 2007. I love it and you love it. It's all bullshit and it's all just what we need.

And I'm about ready to start my own fantasy football spreadsheets (my league's draft is August 17th--it's time to get cracking). In a few weeks I'll start posting and linking to more fantasy football stories and projections.

I think the USA Today headline writers played a joke on Matt Pitzer: "Keeper strategy: don't hold onto your kicker." That's a novel approach: don't use your keeper on your kicker.

ESPN debates whether Steve Smith or Marvin Harrison is the best WR in the league. Michael David Smith says he'd take Chad Johnson over either. I'd have trouble passing on Torry Holt, myself.

Might I suggest Marshawn Lynch for your fantasy team?

CHFF thinks the NFL is lame for banning alcohol at team activities. It is sort of odd to make millions of dollars in beer commercials and beer sales but then say alcohol is bad.

Football Outsiders looks at Dave Hampton's struggles near 1,000 yards.

Bucky Brooks looks at five offensive trends and five defensive trends in pro football.

An NFL study finds concussions are linked to depression.

There are several informants willing to place Michael Vick at dog fights. George Dohrmann looks at the "Complex Case."

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  1. The League makes a ton of money off of erectile dysfunction pills, too, but I doubt that they allow fucking on the sidelines.