Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Charm of Packer Fans

I teach in Wisconsin. One day while chatting with students, I casually mentioned that I hate Brett Favre. I will never forget the look of amazed horror on one girl's face; she actually said, "How could anybody hate Brett Favre?" For a student who had probably never discussed football with anybody outside of Wisconsin, I'm sure it came as quite a shock that some people see the world differently than Packer fans.

And so I can sympathize with Sam Brownback (note: this is the one moment in history that I will express sympathy for Sam Brownback). As you can see at Deadspin and the Fanhouse, Brownback learned what happens when you suggest to Packer fans that Brett Favre is anything other than Jesus.

I'm reminded of a Kids in the Hall sketch: an actress is giving an acceptance speech for an award, and in between thanking the usual suspects, she casually thanks Hitler. As she blithely comes off stage, her manager corners her in horror saying, "You thanked Hitler!"

Good luck in the Wisconsin primary, Mr. Brownback. You may as well have spit on children and kicked old people in the shins while you were there.

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