Monday, May 07, 2007

Fantasy Football Disinformation

I can't give you real fantasy football previews, because members of my league read this blog, we do an auction league, and nobody can know what I actually believe. That is why my fantasy team is called Orwell's Ministry of Truth: I must lie about who I want. But I can't just lie--then everybody would know what I want, too. So I mix in truths and lies and let everybody figure out if I'm being honest or lying, or whether I want you to think I'm being honest or lying, or whether I even know what I think.

But for those readers not in my fantasy league, these nuggets of predictions are good enough. Does it matter whether you think I believe them or not? You'll make your own decisions, and these are things to think about, so it might help you. I believe some of these statements. I believe the exact opposite of others. Some of these statements I partly believe. Some of these statements I'm unsure about. It doesn't matter. It's Fantasy Football Disinformation Season.

Even though most RBs follow seasons of overwork with injury or poor performance, Larry Johnson is young and will not be affected by his NFL record 416 carries in 2006.

While Marvin Harrison is always a reliable (and affordable) fantasy WR, Reggie Wayne will emerge as Indianapolis’ #1 WR.

Viking RB Adrian Peterson will be the best rookie RB in the NFL since Barry Sanders.

Travis Henry will be a top-3 fantasy running back in Denver’s system.

With the WRs now at his disposal, Tom Brady will be the #1 scoring QB in the NFL. He’s already a reliable fantasy QB, but now he’ll be spectacular.

It is not critical to get one of the two top TEs (Gonzalez and Gates); there are second tier TEs that will put up 90% of the production at 50% the cost.

Willis McGahee will be a disappointment in Baltimore; he’ll be solid, but he will not play at the superstar level he is expected to.

Matt Schaub is an unproven, average QB that will bring down the Texans‘ offense; stay away from Andre Johnson and Ahman Green.

Vince Young has no WRs and no RBs of any note to work with; he will not be a fantasy stud QB in 2007.

2007 is the year Eli Manning puts it all together.

Norv Turner’s offense can only help Ladanian Tomlinson continue his spectacular production: Turner RBs usually get 1,400-1,700 yards.

Clinton Portis and Shaun Alexander will recover from injury-plagued 2006 seasons just fine.

Randy Moss should once again be the top-ranked fantasy WR.

If you pair Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin on your fantasy team, the duo will get you 20 Tds.

Willie Parker will be a disappointment now that Ken Whisenhunt is no longer in Pittsburgh.

Get Alex Smith cheap, and by the end of the season, you’ll have a valid fantasy starter.

Draft Donovan McNabb, start him for 4-6 weeks, and then trade him before he gets injured again.

The Saints will score the most points in the NFL this season--load up on their skill position players.

Tarvaris Jackson will rush for 5+ Tds; if you think he will also throw for 15+ Tds, he’s worth having on your roster.

Michael Vick is no great passer, but you have to like a 1,000 yard rusher at QB in fantasy football.

Maurice Jones-Drew will be a top-5 fantasy RB this year.

Stay away from all Jets; there’s not a real good fantasy starter on the roster.


  1. Larry Johnson- B.S.
    Reggie Wayne-Truth
    Adrian Peterson- Partly believe
    Travis Henry-Truth
    Tom Brady-Partly believe
    Top TEs-Partly believe
    McGahee-Partly believe to B.S.
    Matt Schaub-Truth
    Vince young- B.S.
    Eli Mannng-B.S.
    Norv Turner and LT-Truth
    Portis and Alexander-Partly believe
    Fitzgerald and Boldin-Partly believe to B.S. (although I believe, or do I?)
    Alex Smith-Truth
    McNabb-Partly Believe to Truth
    Saints- Truth to Partly Believe
    Tarvaris-B.S. to Partly Believe
    Vick-Truth to Partly Believe
    Maurice Jones-Drew- Truth (in your mind, but you want us to believe it is B.S. so we don't bid you up)

  2. Anonymous1:09 PM

    The Eli Manning one is just hilarious. . . he sucks and will never put it together

  3. Hey that's pretty good stuff. I disagree with you on Vince Young and Randy Moss, but the rest is how I feel.

    Anyways, I have a soccer-specific blog at, if you want to check it out.

    We could exchange links if you are so inclined. I think he share a couple friends.

    Take it easy.

  4. Hey, why not. My knowledge of soccer barely extends beyond Tony Harrison's poem "v." or the British film "Fever Pitch," but I'm giving away links today, baby!

  5. I think the Jets was a big fat bluff to pick up an anonymous running back who used to play for da bears in the 4th or 5th round.

  6. I love Moss (he might be my favorite player all-time still), but top-ranked is a little much. I'd take guys like Marvin and probably Steve Smith above him. But it is going to be tons of fun to watch Moss play for a good team again.

  7. Hey I agree with a lot of this stuff you've got here but I have question...What makes you think that this is going to be the year that Eli puts it together?

    Just wondering....Lemme know.