Monday, May 21, 2007


Just a few quick notes for readers.

--During the NBA playoffs, we'll keep pumping out the blizzards and random unorganized posts about NBA history. After that, we're probably going to start looking toward the 2007 NFL season pretty heavily. Right now it is our intention to do a little fantasy discussion of each team in the NFL. That will start after the NBA Finals, and hopefully be wrapped up by August 17th (the night of our league's auction draft). We'll go team by team to do real-life and fantasy-life discussions of players. That's the plan, anyway.

--Believe it or not, we sort of started out to be a Viking blog. Since the draft we haven't had a lot of original content to talk about, but we're true to our roots. We've separated the Viking blogs and sites on the links from other sports links. While other sites we link to do feature the Vikings occasionally, the "Vikings Links" include sites that are almost exclusively focused on the Purple. And while we want to be something more than a single-team blog, of course as the season approaches and begins, we will have many, many more Viking-centric posts.

--The "Writing and Sports" archive also has a new prominent position. We really enjoy writing the posts under these categories (whether you enjoy reading them or not).

--The order of the "Other Sports Links" only makes sense to me, but it makes a sort of sense. I'm always trying to link to sites that feature unique perspectives and/or garner intelligent conversation. I recommend everything over there.

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