Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Blizzard: We like Kevin Seifert

Re-adjustment Period

Every year during the first Sunday featuring regular season NFL games, I feel my consciousness ready to explode. Games everywhere! Stats everywhere! Touchdowns! Players! Actual events! After months of off-the-field news, speculation, half-hearted preseason games, practices, and lunging after every bit of news, it is like a mental explosion seeing all the real, authentic games and statistics that make all the bits of news we've been clinging to seem like so much dandruff.

But there are little adjustment periods, too. There's been so little Viking news that every bit of speculation or mention of the Purple has seemed worth reading.

But now training camp starts, and now there is more news. Now there's no desperate need to read every article that mentions the Vikes. Now we get to be discerning about what is interesting and what is just fluff. Now there are a lot of stories to amuse us and distract us from the intolerable weather in Minnesota (it's a bit amusing that we start watching actual football in sweltering conditions, and end watching games in snow storms or below zero temps).

Viking news

Kevin Seifert examines the Viking QB position in "Low mileage, high risk," and a look at the team as a whole in "Are the Vikings a better football team?" It's interesting to compare these articles by Seifert, a hard-working reporter, to the most recent column by Jim Souhan, a lazy columnist. Souhan offers one meaningless quote, no inside knowledge, and no analysis of the team. Seifert offers us quotes, context, history, and statistics. Jim Souhan will provide you with little to no insight on the Vikings; he doesn't even seem to try. Seifert will give you data and context to help you make sense of situations; his writing is a fine example of good newspaper writing, of what can be provided to fans by somebody who works at his job.

Judd Zulgad looks at the "Best battles brewing on the depth chart" as the Vikes go into training camp.

In "Transition in FULL bloom," Sean Jensen looks at "the two dozen Tice holdovers" still on the Viking roster.

Priest Holmes is Lazarus

Priest Holmes was once a fantasy football god, and that sure seems like a long time ago. In 2002 He had 2,287 yards from scrimmage and 24 TDs in 14 games (leading my team to a fantasy title). In 2003 he had 2,110 yards from scrimmage and 27 TDs in 16 games (leading my team to a second place fantasy finish). He was one half of the Randy Moss Experience Featuring Priest Holmes. And it was all good.

And now...he returns! My favorite fantasy football performer of all-time is back. And there's a chance...just a chance...that the Experience could be resurrected.

Blog recommendation

Serious Dismay Sports comments "On the reaction to Christine Daniels' public appearance."

Let's say you read a blog that's mostly about football, but the main writer of this blog is also a pinko hippy who sometimes uses sports stories to present his crazy views on animals, class, race, and gender.

If you enjoy reading said blog, you might also enjoy Serious Dismay Sports. It is written by a person describing herself as "a socialist feminist vegan nerd," and often provides insightful perspectives you might not be used to getting from a sports blog.


  1. Pacifist Viking, you're still my favorite pinko hippy. That may be because I only know two people of that type, but hey, it's something. I will definitely check that other blog out.

  2. Thanks for the link. :)

  3. Anonymous4:41 PM

    trotting out a corpse in a football uniform isn't a resurrection. it's more like necrophilia.