Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Blizzard: this is what it used to be like

Do you remember what July was like for NFL fans back before the internet made us feel entitled to read and talk about football all year round? Go look at the Pioneer Press Vikings page today to find out.

Via Leave the Man Alone, you can read a PDF of the actual court document alleging dog fighting at the Vick property. The document is sort of funny: it's titled "United States of America, plaintiffs, v. Approximately 53 pit bulldogs, defendants." So the entire U.S.A. is taking some sort of legal action against a few dozen animals. If the U.S. government recognizes these dogs' right to a fair trial, it will be the best support yet for Animal Rights!

But seriously, it is an action to seize the animals, "for violation of 7 U.S.C. 2156," which is an "Animal fighting venture prohibition." Paragraphs 8 through 15 contain the details of the allegations.

Via PFT, the Wall Street Journal reports that Topps is still trying to resist Upper Deck's takeover. But I just read in Beckett that 2007 Topps football packs will have three fewer cards per pack than last season; takeover or no takeover, I'm afraid the UpperDeckification of Topps has already begun.

Bucky Brooks takes his division-by-division look at the NFL to our beloved NFC North.

Fantasy previews are showing up all over the web: Roger Rotter ranks QBs.

You make fun of Matt Millen for drafting WRs 4 out of 5 seasons. But Pat Kirwan (via The Wayne Fontes Experience) notes that Detroit has 16 WRs on the salary cap books for 2007. According to Kirwan, "Mike Williams, Charles Rogers, Corey Bradford are no longer on the team but will eat up $10,229,720 of space this season (close to 10 percent of the cap)." Uff da.


  1. Where the issue at hand relates to a non-human, or where the case is a determination of what happens to a non-human, the non-human shows up as the opposite party. Thus, you have cases like United States v. 53 Eclectus Parrots, 685 F.2d 1131 (9th Cir. 1982), and lots of cases in the form of United States v. [$171,230.54 in currency], many of them drug-related.

  2. Did you happen to see the Scouts Inc. ratings on ESPN of the position on each team? For example, they ranked 1-32 which team had the best QBs, RBs, etc.

    I think Vikings were 31 at QB and 32 at WR. Yikes.