Monday, July 30, 2007

very random blizzard

Football innovator Bill Walsh has died: see Dr. Z and Cold, Hard Football Facts for comments.

Signal to Noise comments on the Denver offensive line finding its voice.

Cold, Hard Football Facts does not think Curtis Martin is a Hall of Famer.

Suspension of Disbelief indeed: Priest Holmes talks about returning to football (SI).

Troy Williamson's....bravado? So sayeth the Star Tribune.

The Pioneer Press reports that Brad Childress sees progress in our hero, Tarvaris Jackson. Such reports are of course predictable, but still fun.


  1. Anonymous5:28 AM

    Wow, saying Moon and Kelley were overrated, after saying that Martin should not get in or at the least should wait a long while?

    All 3 statistically are fantastic, it smells like a bias over the lack of rings. And saying Martin doesn't get in because he doesn't have any memorable runs is kind of silly.

    I don't think those guys are watching the same NFL I do. I'll never take an article from them as seriously again.

  2. One thing about CHFF: in some ways their individual articles don't stand as well on their own, but work within the context of other articles they've written. A few weeks ago they did an analysis that found Boomer Esiason's numbers were pretty close to Moon's and Kelly's, and so they wondered why Esiason wouldn't be a HOFer but Kelly and Moon so easily were. When you read more and more of their articles, and see what they say within context of their larger work, it makes more sense. A lot of what they write needs a reference to other things they've written.

    And of course they have the deliberately preposterous (but entertaining) tone to get used to.

  3. Anonymous11:26 AM

    i think people forget that when curtis martin came into the league he was considered a dynamic runner. he had a great td run in the super bowl vs gb. i agree his stats and flash didn't match barry sanders but neither did emmitt smith. emmitt with the career 4.2 average who only averaged 4.5 or more 3 times (only once more than martin). if we compare this to barry-- career 5.0 and 8times of 4.5 or more-- even emmitt comes off looking less than brilliant. toss in a highlight tape and he ends up looking worse. compare martin to someone other than sanders and he comes off well.