Sunday, July 08, 2007

Explaining Football

In football, an offense has a ground attack and an air attack (or aerial assault), and has various offensive weapons. At any rate, the team has a plan of attack to use these weapons. The team’s success might depend on whether it can win the turnover battle, or it might depend on how it plays in the trenches. The quarterback is the field general, and he throws bombs, bullets, missiles, and darts. The quarterback may have a cannon for an arm, he may have a rocket arm, or he may have a gun. At any rate when he sees an open receiver he pulls the trigger. The quarterback might hand off to a tank at running back. The offense marches down the field, and its goal is to invade the end zone.

The defense will try to break through or penetrate the enemy line, or the front line. It may attempt to do so with a blitz. For the defense to succeed, it must also play well in the trenches, as the linemen engage in trench warfare. But the secondary might have a head hunter or an assassin that stops the offense, too. The offense may have to develop a counter attack to deal with the defense’s schemes. It must attack the defense’s weaknesses.

And on special teams there is a gunner that must also launch himself at the ball carrier.

Or, if that doesn't sound fun...

On offense, the defense is going to try get penetration. But you have to just keep pounding it up the middle. You need a running back to hit the hole hard if you're going to succeed. It might not work at first, but you have to keep pounding it.

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  1. Don't forget that a QB also might have a "laser rocket arm"... I think the government is working on one of those.