Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Fantasy Preview: the Green Bay Packers

The premise is simple: I'll tell you what players you can confidently start the season with, and what players should cause your stomach to wobble if you have to start them.

Green Bay Packers
2006 stats at and

Donald Driver (WR): Did you know that in the last three seasons, Driver averaged 87 catches for 1,241 yards and 7 TDs? And yet few in your league likely think of Driver as one of the good fantasy wide receivers. In an auction league, you could cite these numbers before throwing Driver's name out, and you'd still likely get him cheap, because nobody gives him the respect for his numbers he deserves.

Of course, I wouldn't draft him: he's a Packer, and I will not root for the success of the Packers for a mere fantasy league (when I'm forced to root for the Packers against the Bears, the little part of me that still feels anything burns in complicated frustrated anger). Like Wes Mantooth (whose mother Dorothy is a saint) for Ron Burgundy, I pure straight loathe the Packers. Everything about this team is detestable to me; the very colors make me grimace. So forgive me if I am unable to objectively offer an opinion on whether Brett Favre should be on your fantasy team (though he shouldn't), whether Vernand Morency or any other RB will end up competent (though he won't), whether Greg Jennings or any other WR or TE is worth a roster spot (though they aren't), whether the kicker could be a competent scorer (though he won't be), or whether the defense is on the rise or simply overrated (the latter).

Nuts to you all.


  1. Anonymous8:27 AM

    you don't have to worry about those questions because they're destined to ride pine on the morency allstars. james jones, $1!


  2. Anonymous5:02 PM

    Yes, it definitely could be worse for the Packers! They could have Tavaris Jackson and all those Vikings scrub receiver's playing on their offense.