Thursday, July 26, 2007

Little Viking Blizzard

Kevin Seifert looks at Brad Childress' second training camp as head coach.

Sid Hartman says that Troy Williamson will break out this year. As of right now, I think all the national commentators are right to dismiss the Viking WR corps as lousy; there is little in any of these WRs' pasts to indicate any of them are competent. But Viking fans watched Troy Williamson consistently get open last season; he was often able to get separation, but then he either misjudged the ball or simply dropped it. But if Williamson has improved his vision, and if the thousands of balls he's caught in the off-season help him improve (the very effort he's put in shows he cares), then Troy Williamson could be a bona fide #1 wide receiver this season. Now is the time, non-Viking fans, for you to laugh. But it's true: Troy Williamson has displayed the talent to get consistent separation from CBs, and if he's worked to improve his vision and catching, he could be a legitimate receiving threat, helping the Viking passing game to be better than most expect.

The Science of Winning offers a Viking preview. looks at ten "Storylines for 2007," with quotes from Brad Childress, and also provides more "Quotes from Camp" featuring Childress. The Vikings' webpage has made a lot of improvements in recent years, and I think it'll be doing a solid job covering camp.

And regarding Viking rivals, at Football Outsiders you can learn that Brett Favre overthrew 13.5% of his passes last season, tops in the league.

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