Monday, July 30, 2007

Minnesota: farm club for Boston sports stars

They got Randy Moss. Now they're getting Kevin Garnett.

The two superstars I've grown up cheering for (but failed to see bring Minnesota a championship) are now playing in a city with 16 NBA championships, as well as three Super Bowl wins and one World Series win in this decade.

Screw you, Boston.

But seriously (wait, but I was serious) Moving on...

The Timberwolves are right to trade Kevin Garnett. They are not built to compete for a championship in the next 2-3 years; why not bring in as many young talented players as they can, and perhaps build toward a championship in 4-6 years? Despite having one of the best players in the league (look at the Wages of Wins comparison between KG and Tim Duncan), the Timberwolves have been unable to make the playoffs for the past three seasons. If you're going to lose anyway, why not trade this tremendous asset now in the hopes that you can win in the future? It is the right move.

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