Thursday, July 05, 2007

Blizzard to end all blizzards (but not really)

Michael Fabiano of looks at each team's RB situation from a fantasy perspective.

Luke Winn of SI (via Lion in Oil via Deadspin) reports on Spencer Hawes' views on global warming. I don't think he drives a Prius like my idol.

John Clayton looks at 5 NFL players new to their 2007 teams that could be big difference makers, including Viking rookie Adrian Peterson.

Football Outsiders looks at the effectiveness of tight ends in goal line situations.

The Kansas City Star reports on Tony Gonzalez's commitment ceremony. I wonder what Gonzalez's objection to marriage is? Does he see inequality in the patriarchal institution?

Michael David Smith of Fanhouse thinks ESPN reporters "are shirking their responsibility as journalists" because they didn't ask Shawne Merriman about his steroid suspension. I disagree, as I explain over there.

Mark Craig of the Strib has a feature on Pat Williams, a dominant player and likeable guy.

Chip Brown of the Dallas Morning News (picked up in the Strib)
writes about what Earl Campbell is doing now. Growing up, Campbell was one of the players that my dad told me stories about: without ever seeing him play, he was a mythical runner to me. Now he shows what can happen when a running back is overused as he was--and why coaches should move more and more to split-carry backfields.

Empty the Bench ranks fantasy QBs. I should mention that yesterday when I said only four QBs scored better than Vick last season, I forgot about Kitna because he's not even on my list of draftable QBs. Kitna did have more fantasy ppg than Vick, pushing Vick back to 6.

Tecmo Blog chronicles one of the really enjoyable parts of sports: the blowups.

Bucky Brooks of SI looks at the AFC North with some really solid detailed analysis. Man, I'm totally hot for Willis McGahee.

ESPN is doing a fantasy question feature for each team in the league.

10,000 Takes has a Minnesota 2007 All-Disappointment Team.

Suspension of Disbelief features are not limited to players: Pete Prisco does one on St. Louis defensive coordinator Jim Haslett.


  1. Anonymous11:18 AM

    it seems i read more anti-global warming articles than i read about global warming. even the nation has columns discussing global warming as overhype.

    even if it is overhype why should we not change the way we conduct ourselves toward nature?


  2. It's so funny that anyone expects journalistic credibility from ESPN. That said, your take on the Shawne Merriman steroid bit is spot on.