Friday, July 06, 2007

Blizzard: back to dog fighting

WAVY (via PFT) reports federal investigators are back digging at Michael Vick's property and have "filed court documents outlining an alleged dogfighting operation at a property owned by Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick." WVEC (via Fanhouse) also reports on the events. Based on the ESPN article, the court documents appear to be very thorough in outlining the alleged activity, but they do not name Vick. The big news should be the revelation that dead dogs were found on the property; however, within the detailed outline of the operation, that becomes one minor detail. Once again, I'm convinced dog fighting activities did occur on the property (the evidence was already strong, and it appears this document outlines it pretty clearly), and while I suspect Vick knew of it or was involved, I'm still waiting for direct evidence tying him to the activities.

Update: The ESPN article has been altered: it appears Vick is unlikely to be indicted by the Feds (and I doubt Poindexter will bring local charges either, but I could be wrong). That they could tie no evidence to him does not mean that he was not involved, of course, and even if nothing comes of it there will be reasonable suspicions around Vick for the rest of his career. But it also means that we have no reason to assume or believe categorically that Vick was involved; in fact, it is reasonable to believe he was not. There's still a possibility that his indicted relatives flip on him (I'd like to thank The Sopranos for my use of the word "flip"), but it's quite possible we will be able to move on and Vick will just be a quarterback, not an animal torturer. But there is still solid evidence that dog fighting (which is animal torture) occurred on his property, and the Feds are likely going to be charging those they know are involved in such activities. We'll still keep following this story now that we started, even if Michael Vick's role in the story is over.

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