Thursday, July 19, 2007

Blizzard: training camp approaches, and so more people talk about the Vikings


Skol Vikes looks at seven questions for the Vikings training camp.

ESPN writes about Adrian Peterson and the possibility of a holdout from training camp.

The Star Tribune talks about Adrian Peterson's collarbone.

Victoria Times examines the Vikings' bad QB situation.

Epic Carnival helps you get to know these Viking QBs.

Other Viking bloggers write about why Peter King is wrong to rank the Vikings' 31st in the league, including Vikings War Cry and Vikings Frenzy.

Sid Hartman says that Antoine Winfield is now happy with the Vikes.

Other stuff

Football Outsiders looks at the Bunch Right Skinny Post.

A fantasy consideration: the Fanhouse notes that some people think Rudi Johnson could lose his starting job in Cincinnati.

Stop Mike Lupica writes that people aren't upset with Michael Vick over animal cruelty, but "dog cruelty" in particular: "And whether they realize it or not, it's because of unconscious biases... they are angered to see dog cruelty, but ignore the many, many other forms of animal cruelty that exist on a daily basis. Because it's easy to ignore, if no one tells you to care."

(I said yesterday that when I mention the Vick dog fighting story, I would direct your attention to other animal cruelty issues you might be interested in. I would like to encourage you not to attend circuses with wild animals. These animals aren't suited to an enclosed life for the purpose of human entertainment, and the training and conditions circus animals are forced into can be brutal. Here is PETA's introduction to some of the problems circus animals face, particularly elephants).

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