Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Fantasy Preview: the Baltimore Ravens

The premise is simple: I'll tell you what players you can confidently start the season with, and what players should cause your stomach to wobble if you have to start them.

Baltimore Ravens
2006 stats at NFL.com and pro-football-reference.com

Defense: How good was the 2006 Raven defense? It ranked 1st in points allowed, 1st in yards allowed, 1st in interceptions, and 2nd in sacks. In the playoffs it held Manning's Colts to no touchdowns. And it's been a dominating fantasy defense for years. The only reasons to take the Bear defense before the Raven defense are Devin Hester and the NFC; the Ravens are the most dependable, dominant fantasy defense out there.

Matt Stover (K): I'm sick of coming up with something to say about kickers. He's a kicker you can start: do you actually need to know more about him?

Willis McGahee (RB): I see McGahee in 2007 as a castle courtyard: no ceiling (Tap. Tap. Is this thing on?). I would add 50% to Jamal Lewis' 2006 numbers. Perhaps this is absurd, but I like this kool-aid, even if I do detect a hint of arsenic.

Todd Heap (TE): At fantasy tight end, there's Antonio Gates and then a bunch of chucks. You could argue Heap is the best of the chucks.

Once again, I see another team without thrilling WRs. But once again, there are potentially competent options for deep leagues in Derrick Mason and Mark Clayton. After August 17th I will explore this WR conundrum further.

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