Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Willy Loman had a dream

Greetings, true believers. I bet you think that after I watched Monday night's waxing from start to finish, you think I'm ready to curb my enthusiasm on the Purple.

Guess again, buckos. Let me rose-tint your world and keep you safe from the trouble and pain.

Remember the 1994 49ers? Might be the greatest team ever. Well look down the list of their wins and losses and tell me if you see anything strange. What's that? You figure there's a mistake there? The eventual Super Bowl champions lost, at home 40-8 against a team that ended up 7-9? That's got to be a mistake. Somebody must have been out with injury.

Guess again. The 13-3 49ers, eventual Super Bowl champion, dominant offensively and defensively, got PASTED, at home, 40-8.

The Super Bowl dream is alive, my friends. Alive and well.


  1. Is this Pacifist Viking's alter-ego?

    Something smells of the same kind of logic and historical fact checking.

  2. Anonymous8:52 PM

    Greatest team ever? They were really good, but I'd take the '85 Bears, '91 Redskins and the '89 49ers (and probably the '72 Dolphins and '78 Steelers as well) before the 1994 49ers.

    As for that 40 to 8 pasting, maybe the guys over at Football Outsiders will eventually get their DVOA ratings back that far to account for that one, because you're right - it sticks out like a sore thumb.

  3. Now that you mention it, the Vikes do kind of remind me of Biff