Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Hopes for the Rest of this Nonsense

We've already seen ten freaking games from every team. But there's more to go, so let's look at my hopes for the rest of the season. These are hopes, not predictions, nor are they assessments of anything that has happened yet.

Teams I want to win the Super Bowl:
1. Minnesota
2. Indianapolis
29. Pittsburgh
30. New England
31. Baltimore
32. Green Bay

Quarterbacks I don't want to see starting for the Vikings anymore: Brad Johnson

Quarterbacks I do want to see starting for the Vikings: Tarvaris Jackson

What I hope happens to Brett Favre:
1. He doesn't break Dan Marino's touchdown record
2. His starts streak is broken
3. He breaks George Blanda's interception record
4. His team doesn't win another game

Overrated Chicago Bear that I hope sucks the rest of the way: Brian Urlacher

Who I hope wins MVP:
1. Peyton Manning
2. Ladainian Tomlinson
3. Steve Smith

Who I hope makes the Pro Bowl: Pat Williams

Who I hope doesn't directly cause me a nervous breakdown by dropping passes: Troy Williamson

Who I hope continues his assault on Brett Favre's reputation for interceptions: Ben Roethlisbergr (they don't spell his whole name on Madden, so why should I?)

So what do you want to happen?


  1. "Quarterbacks I do want to see starting for the Vikings: Tarvaris Jackson"


  2. I pretty much agree with most of what you say here. Especially about the QB situation.

  3. strange how you gravitated toward peyton. you must identify with him or something. do you no longer find brady appealing?

  4. i think brett's int percent this year is 1.8.

    i think tomlinson will have more tds than peyton.

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