Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Why shouldn't Brad Johnson be benched?

In Casablanca, when a woman asks Rick what kind of man the sleazy cop is, Rick replies, "He's like any man, only moreso." When it comes to calling for starting QBs to be benched, Viking fans are like any football fans, only moreso. But as Dick Vermeil would say, "They're right sometimes. More often than not, they're right."

In the last three weeks, the Vikings have gone 0-3 and scored 20 offensive points. Their quarterback has committed 8 turnovers in those three games.

Isn't that a serious problem in production?

The big defense of playing Brad Johnson is that he's a "smart veteran," that he "manages a game," that he "doesn't make stupid mistakes," that he "gives you a chance to win." But right now, Johnson isn't any of those things. He is an immobile quarterback without a strong arm, and he's committing turnovers. The offense is showing no creativity, and that's a problem too; however, Johnson just doesn't have the ability to make plays.

There's no reason to think of QB as a sacred position; benching a QB does not signal a cosmic shift. Players at other positions get benched, sometimes just for a few series. In the 40s, the Rams actually played two quarterbacks every game; future HOFer Bob Waterfield played the 1st and 3rd quarter, and future HOFer Norm VanBrocklin played the 2nd and 4th quarter. A quarterback can be benched, and when that quarterback is giving your team little production, lacks the skills to help your team, and is actually committing errors that hurt your team, he should be benched.

Whether you want to replace Brad Johnson with Brooks Bollinger or Tarvaris Jackson depends on your view of all sorts of things. But either would be better than Johnson right now.


  1. Anonymous4:16 PM

    I vote Tarvaris!

  2. Anonymous8:56 PM

    Tavaris has my vote. if we are going to lose at least let the games be exciting.

  3. Brooks is the MAN! He deserves to play in a game where the line doesnt collapse in front of him. Watching him against the Pats D was like watching a helpless baby deer in the path of an avalanche.

  4. I think I can tell which commenters are from Wisconsin...

  5. Well actually only one of them is from Wisconsin, but the other I believe has become a Wisconsin fan through relationship with the other.

    My vote is Tarvaris "The Dart" Jackson

  6. Can Brooks Bollinger do any better than Brad Johnson? I think not.

  7. A guy in my Speech class actually gave a persuasive speech on why Brad Johnson sucks and needs to be benched... I think Childress will be the last to know.

    Johnson needs to be benched if only for my mental sanity. I can't take too many more games watching him.

  8. Anonymous12:57 PM

    I've watched Bollinger play a lot, and he's better than most people realize. He played well at the end of last year on a terrible Jets team. I think he should be given the chance to play.

  9. I am not a Wisconsin fan...well at least I am doing my best to prevent this transition from happening, although I have been swayed a bit due to pressure. I just feel bad for Brooks, when he got sacked three times in a row. He deserves an other chance!

  10. Anonymous3:19 PM

    T-JACK all the way! i have been waiting for him to play since the pre-season. he can make things happen. i think the only reason he isnt starting is becuase he's still not 100% healed from his injury. i would wait for him to be 100%, then play him. even if it means that it's next year. bj wont be starting next year. mark. my. words. :P