Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Great and Miserable Moments in the Viking-Packer Rivalry

I only really became "involved" in the Viking-Packer rivalry in 1998, when I went to college in Wisconsin. Before that, I was really just a fan of football; I always rooted for the Vikings, of course, but I also always rooted for Dan Marino and often the Dallas Cowboys. Then I went to a school where nearly half the students are from Minnesota and around half are from Wisconsin. I have gradually evolved into a black-hearted Packer hater that abandons my attitudes of tolerance and peacefulness when it comes to the NFC North (and before that, the NFC Central).

So here are my most memorable games between the Vikes and Packers since--most since 1998. I remember all the games fairly well, actually; these are the ones that stand out for whatever reason.

1994: at Thunderdome, Vikings win
It was 16-13 in overtime; I watched it at my grandparents' house. I assume that's enough detail to make this a memorable one.

1998: at Lambeau, Vikings win
Get this: I was at play practice during this game. Play practice! We heard scores on the radio when we weren't in scenes, and when I got back to my dorm room it was already garbage time. This was the legendary coming out party for Randy Moss. I was mouthing the words to "O Pioneers!" The fact that for all four years of college and one year of grad school I had commitments Monday night has made it easier to adjust to not having ESPN for Monday Night Football this year.

2000: at Lambeau, Vikings lose
I was an RA and I scheduled a big hall event to watch this game; this was before my third, second, or even first conversion to vegetarianism, and I even secured funding to make hot dogs for everybody. This is also the game when Favre threw a deep pass that bounced off somebody's leg and into the hands of Antonio Freeman, who carried it in for a game-winning touchdown. Fluke play but a real loss.

2003: at Lambeau, Vikings win
You know how too many fans use the "nobody was picking us" routine? Well, this was the first game of the year, the Packers were coming off a 12-4 season, the Vikings off a 6-10 season, and it was at Lambeau, so I feel confident saying that nobody was picking the Vikings to win. They did, of course, behind 4 Brett Favre interceptions and 9 catches, 150 yards, and 1 TD from Randy the Magnificent.

2004: at Lambeau, Vikings lose

There were so many things that made me angry in this game, I can't help remember this.

2004: at Thunderdome, Vikings lose
It was two Green Bay WRs, I believe Javon Walker and Donald Driver (I can't be sure; it was Christmas Eve and I was catching it at a relative's house) turned to the crowd and bowed. You better believe my soul turned to stone at that moment

2005 (after 2004 season): at Lambeau, Vikings win playoff game
My favorite day as a Viking fan, so far. Brett Favre threw 4 INTs, which always delights me. Daunte Culpepper had the best game of his career. Randy Moss, decked out in the afro, had his last meaningful game as a Viking (2 great TDs). Both of these facts now just make me a little sad.

2005: at Thunderdome, Vikings win
Shut out at halftime; Vikes came back and won on a 56 yard field goal with no time left. I ran around my apartment jumping and screaming.

2005: at Lambeau, Vikings win
For the brief period it was open, Carl Eller's Purple People Eatery in Woodbury was my favorite restaurant. I watched this game there, a three point Viking win full of drama and excitement.


  1. That 56-yarder was one of my favorite moments as a Vikings fan... the playoffs were unlikely, the team hadn't been playing that well... but to beat the Packers on a last-second 56 yard FG? It doesn't get any better than that.

  2. I think that you did a pretty good job in organizing and all those time events, and after reading it you can infer very interesting conclusions